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This is awesome. How did I miss this for so long? Five days of my life wasted...

All brooding aside, I am glad you continued this series. I can honestly say there isn't much else like it. Good luck!

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I can see why it's one of your favorite animations... it's awesome! (except for the joke about Korra. Just kind of cold) I came into this with somewhat low expectations for some reason, but was blown away by the comedy (or maybe I just have a weird hair fetish or something). I especially like your opening with your username on it (reminds me of some professional movie company or something). The voicing, music, sound effects, animation (unique and with added cartooniness here and there. That might not be a word), nearly all of the writing is great (don't really get the kindergartner comeback joke) and the drawing at the end are great! Nothing really comes to mind to improve though I hope you'll keep pushing the boundaries on this kind of stuff. Give my regards to SilverPoyozo and I look forward to your next animation.

WooleyWorld responds:

Haha. He'll be glad to hear people liked his work. You should find that intro professional.... its ripoff from the old United Artists intro from way back. I do intend to push the elements of my animations and keep the boundaries ever extended. :p

It's awesome. It's worthy of an emmy and a life time supply of moose and sandwiches!

But I'm sad. You didn't ask me to help out :( (single tear)

WooleyWorld responds:

Worry not, Plasma. Should I need you, you will know.
But no really, thanks for the comment.

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It's a cool zombie game. I've always wanted to play as a zombie going around eating people (too many games go for the "zombie swarm" approach or overpower the zombies you control). Still, the game has many flaws.
- You don't inform the player about the different abilities of the zombies you allow them to choose from. Although it is fun to figure the zombie's abilities out, it gives the initial impression that there's nothing special about them, but aesthetic appeal.
- You need the fourth zombie (the strong one) to break through some boards on an early level to get all the humans. If you don't choose the strong one, you can't get three stars on that level, which means if you want to try the level again with the strong zombie, you need to go back to the previous level, beat it with the regular green zombie (which is extremely tough sometimes) or beat a level farther back and work your way up to that level. Since that early level where the strong zombie was needed, I've always chosen the strong zombie, even though I'd like to use the flying zombie, but I needed the flying zombie in a later level.
- If you want to fix the above problem, allow the player to choose the zombie they want based on the previous level's star count, even when entering the level (have a button or prompt that leads to the selection screen). Another benefit to this system would be allowing players to experiment with different zombies on the increasingly difficult levels.
- You don't list the level number anywhere on the level. If you are still advancing through them in order, it will be pretty obvious from the stars, but what if you want to play a specific level that you found fun. You might not remember which one it was.
- There's no pause button.
- You can't tell what the field of vision is for the enemies. You can slightly estimate it, but on many of the later levels, you need to be almost literally just outside their field of vision to get to the humans before they turn around.
- When you get to the last person on the level and attack them, you automatically get three stars and can move on to the next level. Was this intentional?
- Why not just have the player hold down the down arrow instead of rapidly pressing it to eat the person.

I do like the fact that you can't be seen at night unless you are under a light and that when you are eating a human, you can move in and out of buildings to avoid being seen. I wish you luck in your future creations.

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fabioecco responds:

Man, if I could I would pin your coment in the top of the page. There are many good points there that I could have used.
Not telling the habilities: on purpose, I loved how a guy on youtube reacted to the skeleton zombie hability.
The bulk pink zombie: Since the stealth mechanic is limited to doors and lights I wanted a zombie which could easily navigate through house's debris, unfortunately I'm not the best level designer around there. Your solution (total stars count) is excelent.
I didn't think that level numbers would matter, but you're right.
I don't know how to code a pause function (it's my 2nd game). I'm serious. hahah
Hide the field of vision was a design choice, I think otherwise would be easy to avoid them.
Last person on level: Why force people to tap the button till the end if the victim can't escape?
Tapping, not holding button: The faster you tap, the faster you finish eating. Holding would take a constant duration (random durations would be odd).
Finally someone mentioned the "hide the body" mechanic! But I can't complain because I didn't make a proper tutorial due to the time constraints I took.
I'm curious if you got to the storm level. Thanks a lot for the amazing feedback!

I agree with the others when they say this game is inventive. I like the art and the puzzles. The game is just fun overall.

However, I had to try playing the game on three different browsers. The reason being because when I played it on Google Chrome, the white gloved mouse didn't always match up with my computer mouse, making it difficult to click on some things. On Safari, there was no sound (I checked to see that the music option was on. It was and there was still no sound). It worked fine on Firefox. I'd suggest in the future testing the game out on different browsers; even if you can't fix the problems, you can warn players not to play on those browsers in the description.

I look forward to your next creation. Good luck!

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Drawmaneater responds:

thanks for feedback. I add this in the description

I liked the game when I originally played it long ago and I still like it, though I have found some serious problems with it:
- If I attempt to jump on a sleeping guard, I lose. Your tip says that I can jump on the enemies. Is this a bug?
- I've reached the apple twice and after each time, it tells me I lose. Am I supposed to kill all the guards? (If so, I will need to jump onto a sleeping guard). In one of the previous comments, you said you were going to work on this.

Even though it's been awhile since you've been on Newgrounds, I hope someday you might fix these things.

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I'm no expert, but I'd say that's pretty good harmonica playing. Are you experienced in music at all? (you seem to have a good handle on rhythm and your ability to hold one note and play another exceeds my use of the harmonica. I almost thought I was listening to an accordion). :)

WooleyWorld responds:

Oh well I recorded one harmonica then went back to record over it.. so it's not as skilled as it sounds. :3
But yeah I play harmonica, electric/acoustic/bass guitar, and violin. I just fiddle around, I don't take lessons. And yeah it does sound like an accordion when you don't bend the notes all bluesy. ^_^

If I make a game one of these days, I am definitely including your song. This is a cool song.

I believe this to be the greatest song you've ever created Sexual-Lobster... for now.

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I like the colorfulness of the drawing and I also like how well you captured each of their appearances in your own way. My only complaint with the drawing would be Sayori, as her hair looks too puffy here, where as her hair is more flat in the game. Also, you made her hair brown, where as it should be something along the lines of pinkish brown.

Regardless, I still like the drawing and look forward to seeing more from you.

How long did it take you to make this? There is so much detail. You've included a lot of recently released characters in this too like Pound the Puss and the Tiny Theft game and even old ones like one of my favorite games, the Vegetable Game. The detail and imagination that went into this is amazing. My entry doesn't hold a candle to this. You deserve a place in the top rankings for the competition and maybe even in Newgrounds history (considering it has a lot of history in it).

Good luck in the competition and great job!

ScepterDPinoy responds:

About around 4 weeks. I approve your entry. Everyone is welcome to make awesome pixel art.

So where can I find this game?

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TheRealTheWorst responds:

Hello, Plasmarift.
Nowhere at present, but we're working hard to deliver a fully working demo real soon.
You can either start following me here for further updates or join Discord Chat (The Worst Channel) through this invitation: https://discord.gg/gcmA4af
Anyway rest assured I'll let the world know as soon as we're ready to hit the internet.
Thanks for your interest! ^^

I am a voice actor, singer, writer, beta tester, commentator, and idea person. If you would like my help with anything from games to animations to almost anything really, let me know.

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