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Raw Latex 4 Raw Latex 4

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is awesome. How did I miss this for so long? Five days of my life wasted...

All brooding aside, I am glad you continued this series. I can honestly say there isn't much else like it. Good luck!

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Avatar: Last Hairbender Avatar: Last Hairbender

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I can see why it's one of your favorite animations... it's awesome! (except for the joke about Korra. Just kind of cold) I came into this with somewhat low expectations for some reason, but was blown away by the comedy (or maybe I just have a weird hair fetish or something). I especially like your opening with your username on it (reminds me of some professional movie company or something). The voicing, music, sound effects, animation (unique and with added cartooniness here and there. That might not be a word), nearly all of the writing is great (don't really get the kindergartner comeback joke) and the drawing at the end are great! Nothing really comes to mind to improve though I hope you'll keep pushing the boundaries on this kind of stuff. Give my regards to SilverPoyozo and I look forward to your next animation.

WooleyWorld responds:

Haha. He'll be glad to hear people liked his work. You should find that intro professional.... its ripoff from the old United Artists intro from way back. I do intend to push the elements of my animations and keep the boundaries ever extended. :p

Sex Hair II The Woolening Sex Hair II The Woolening

Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's awesome. It's worthy of an emmy and a life time supply of moose and sandwiches!

But I'm sad. You didn't ask me to help out :( (single tear)

WooleyWorld responds:

Worry not, Plasma. Should I need you, you will know.
But no really, thanks for the comment.

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HRQ Game - Hardcore HRQ Game - Hardcore

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I think you have misunderstood the term "hard". A game being tedious is not hard; you can easily program a game where you have to kill 1,000,000 identical looking zombies to progress. A game being annoying or unfair is not hard; a child can be annoying and it is easier to make a game unfair than it is to make it fair. Making a player wait for a bullet to move out of the way is not hard; you can find waiting at any store or restaurant. A hard game is where, whenever a player loses, they feel like and know it is their fault they lost. If the player feels like its the game's fault then it's not a hard game.

Outside of waiting and the early tricks, your game isn't hard at all. I've reached level 17 consecutively and I could beat the game, but I don't feel like going through all that waiting again. I have a life and things to take care of. A platform game being hard is when it requires critical thinking, quick reaction time, and/or special timing to progress. Your game has only one of these (special timing with specific jumps). Besides this, your game suffers from other problems:
- You only included the ADW keys for controls. Not everyone has the same keyboard setup (some people have keyboards where the ADW keys are not even near each other). Why not make the arrow keys another option for controlling the square. You can also make the spacebar the jump button to make it more comfortable for the player.
- You are able to hold down the jump button so that if you hit a ledge while moving, you will jump, taking away some of the challenge of special timing (for the long jump near the beginning, you can do this). I'm guessing that you intentionally put this feature in because there is no other way to reach the platform that is near the stairs without it.
- Speaking of that platform, that special feature doesn't always work. I found that when I'm not holding a directional button when trying to do it, it will work more often.
- On level 22 (I went to level select), the game doesn't always allow the player to move left to keep from falling into the water and dying. I know this because I played the level several times.
- You said you are going to add a 500 point medal. As far as I know, the medals only go up to 100 points max. You'd have to add 5 medals of 100 points each.

However, there are positives about your game. The movement is smooth, the idea behind some of the levels are fun (though simply adding something new each time to the old level gets old fast). The level select feature was also nice as it gives players the chance to see the entire game and to practice specific levels without having to replay the entire game. I hope to see more stuff from you in the future because this is a good start if it's one of your first games.

stephenjalex responds:

Yup brother, this is my first fully developed game. So, my first thought was like "hard game, but possible to beginners". So I made a game like that. That was my first game. Why am I saying this? Becuz this hardcore game is not the first game. And also, many of my first controls were based on arrow keys and spacebar. But, another user made me change that, saying that would be much easier. As a beginner game developer, I couldnt make a really hard game, as I thought it would be too hard. Anyway, thanks for your feedback, and notify me if you want some other changes.

Abaddon Ascension Abaddon Ascension

Rated 3 / 5 stars

The idea is good, but something isn't right. I'm not sure whether or not it is your in-game explanation of air strafing or if the mechanic hasn't been polished enough (I'm guessing it is the last one), but, much like Hesiolite, I can't get passed the second section using your strafing technique. I'd like to bring up all of the problems I'm having with your game mechanic, as well as other aspects of your game.
- At most, my speed will rise from 9.5 (max walking speed) to 12 while using air strafing. This seems like it is barely enough to reach the distant platform in the second section.
- Even when I repeat my movements to perform an air strafing test, the results are almost random. I'll get anywhere from an unchanged speed of 9.5 to something like 11.21.
- Trying to "aim" your character while air strafing is also a problem. You've made it so the player needs to look toward where they are jumping, while the direction a player is facing determines which way the directional keys will take them (the "left" directional key will still take the player left, but once they turn left, they are now heading backwards compared to their original position). Why would you make a mechanic where the person's directional view and orientation needs to be shifted suddenly in order to gain more speed?
- The first challenge can be passed without using air strafing. All you need to do is jump at an angle to reach the platform blocked by the see-through wall.
- Even the directions provided in the game on air strafing don't provide enough information. Do you shift the camera once you've jumped or just before you jump? A video tutorial might have helped, such as showing the player what a successful jump looks like and how it is done.
- I discovered a way to move forward and use air strafing to some extent: while moving forward, quickly shift the camera's direction to the left or right and then jump. This will increase the player speed slightly.
- You put a speedometer and a line tracing the player's former path (after dying). I'm guessing you put them in to show to the player that the air strafing does increase your speed (or to ensure to yourself that the game is working), though if the effects of the air strafing were more dramatic, then this wouldn't be necessary.
- You have a top speed listing though falling will make the top speed for the player around 25. This seems kind of lame.

I don't like the sign that says "Persistence is Key". While many great games require persistence in order to beat them, these games have a legitimate difficulty, where when a player fails a level, they know it's their own fault, not because the mechanic literally sets the player up to fail in the first place (There's no skill in trying to figure out how far I have to turn the camera around after jumping, especially when the results are random). Since I can't beat the second section of this game, I can only assume that I'm not using the air strafing correctly, the game is broken, or the chances of successfully completing the jump are miniscule. This seems like an excuse for the flawed game mechanic. There's a difference between difficult and tedious (and randomness).

I hope that whatever the problem may be, whether it is the game or the explanation, that it is resolved because I enjoy 3D platformers like this. It definitely looks interesting and I would like to continue playing, but only if progress is more than luck. My apologies if this review comes across as mean. I wish you luck in your future in creating games.

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tgannonavi responds:

Thank you for the detailed review I have added a tutorial to the description and have come up with a few fixes for the jittering/stuttering
-playing in Firefox
-lowering mouse DPI (using razor synapse or something is the easiest way)
-adjusting resolution (usually lowering it)

if you are still having problems getting above 10 speed please PM me and I will try and improve the mechanics and/or tutorial

Pencilvania Pencilvania

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is a good parody of Castlevania. The art of the enemies and surroundings are clever and there is difficulty to punish those who carelessly play the game. I also like the secrets; they were well hidden enough to make me play multiple times to find them (though could you give me a hint on where I could find the picifier?)

I do wish that the game was longer. It was like eating an awesome dessert, but there just wasn't much of it. I have one glitch to report though; if you jump and press yourself against a wall (like the one at the very beginning) while whipping, you can get the character stuck in the wall.

I look forward to your next game. Good luck!

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Harmonica in 4 seconds Harmonica in 4 seconds

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I'm no expert, but I'd say that's pretty good harmonica playing. Are you experienced in music at all? (you seem to have a good handle on rhythm and your ability to hold one note and play another exceeds my use of the harmonica. I almost thought I was listening to an accordion). :)

WooleyWorld responds:

Oh well I recorded one harmonica then went back to record over it.. so it's not as skilled as it sounds. :3
But yeah I play harmonica, electric/acoustic/bass guitar, and violin. I just fiddle around, I don't take lessons. And yeah it does sound like an accordion when you don't bend the notes all bluesy. ^_^

happy together 8-bit happy together 8-bit

Rated 4 / 5 stars

If I make a game one of these days, I am definitely including your song. This is a cool song.

Fill My Black Hole Fill My Black Hole

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I believe this to be the greatest song you've ever created Sexual-Lobster... for now.

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Newgrounds in Metroidvania 2 Newgrounds in Metroidvania 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

How long did it take you to make this? There is so much detail. You've included a lot of recently released characters in this too like Pound the Puss and the Tiny Theft game and even old ones like one of my favorite games, the Vegetable Game. The detail and imagination that went into this is amazing. My entry doesn't hold a candle to this. You deserve a place in the top rankings for the competition and maybe even in Newgrounds history (considering it has a lot of history in it).

Good luck in the competition and great job!

ScepterDPinoy responds:

About around 4 weeks. I approve your entry. Everyone is welcome to make awesome pixel art.

Babe Runner - NEW official teaser ^^ Babe Runner - NEW official teaser ^^

Rated 4 / 5 stars

So where can I find this game?

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TheRealTheWorst responds:

Hello, Plasmarift.
Nowhere at present, but we're working hard to deliver a fully working demo real soon.
You can either start following me here for further updates or join Discord Chat (The Worst Channel) through this invitation:
Anyway rest assured I'll let the world know as soon as we're ready to hit the internet.
Thanks for your interest! ^^

Snatch Steal Snatch Steal

Rated 4 / 5 stars

As great as usual (though I think Yugi's hair outline should be more reddish instead of purple).

I did want to ask about the NSFW version, I thought you said a while back you'd never draw that kind of stuff (or at least show no private parts). Have you changed your mind?

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bocodamondo responds:

it was going to happen sooner or later anyway like with scottfalco and speedosausage haha