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Fragile Fragile

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I think I understand what the message is. The three sibling eggs are there to send the player the false message that if they fall too far, they're egg will break and they will die, making them believe they are fragile. You can make it through almost the entire game in the egg form until you get to the final hole. If you try to jump across it in the egg form, you won't make it and you will fall, breaking the egg open and revealing that you wouldn't have died and if you had done this earlier, you could have made it across the gap.

There's a few problem with this premise if this is what you intended. The egg siblings don't "die" soon enough. They stop at the edge, giving the player time to screw around and fall, revealing that they wouldn't die. Also, even after they die, the lessen doesn't really have time to sink in. Plus, you don't tell player that if they fall off of platform without jumping, they can air jump (without knowing this, it would be impossible to get through the entire game up to the hole as an egg). Plus, you can fall down the hole and air jump at the last second, keeping the egg from breaking.

Also, you don't tell people the controls, which leaves them with a lot of questions:
- What are the boxes for in game? Can they be interacted with?
- Was there a way to get over the hole while in egg form (was there a control that would allow it)?
Without giving the player the controls, you don't give them clear limitations that would make the reality of "dying" a real thing.

Aside from this, I did enjoy the game and played it multiple times. The art style was cool though an ending scene for falling into the hole would have been nice. I wish you luck in your future of game design and look forward to more games from you.

Nightfall Nightfall

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I would like to play the rest of the game, but glitches are preventing me from doing so:
- After getting passed the tutorial, if you run out of health, you will appear back at the beginning of the level, unable to move. Also, I don't understand why the health goes down when you shoot the boomerang.
- During the first or second level, you lose the ability to glide. However, if you die in the same level after losing the ability, you won't be able to beat the level.
- Why are the controls so far apart? You could have assigned the controls to multiple buttons, such as "z" for shoot and "x" for glide.
- The ending scene went by way too fast.
- The color coded beginnings and endings are things that you would find in the testing version of the game. It seems like it would be a good idea to make them transparent.

I managed to beat the game, but only because I avoided killing the enemies. I think with a few fixes, the game could be a lot more popular. I like the gameplay, the story is good, and making it longer could be a good idea.

I wish you luck in your game creating future.

Energy Scraps Energy Scraps

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I found a few problems with the game.
- An explanation on what some of the upgrades do would be helpful, such as what is "distans", "time to waste energy", and "energy damage"? Players are left to guess what these do and the upgrade system doesn't allow me to find out for myself quickly.
- I didn't discover until after three game overs that you lose health when you are outside the ship with no energy. You should probably point this out to the player. Also, I don't think it is such a good idea for the player's only currency to be protection against automated damage.
- An alert whenever the player is attacked would be helpful since the health indicator is so small and easily missed that you can lose a chunk of your life before realizing someone's shooting at you. However, don't just make it a audio alert, make it a visual one as well because some people might be playing with the sound off.
- The fact that you lose energy while holding it with time is not just annoying, it ruins the experience. Not only does it make it difficult to get the first few upgrades, you have to keep in mind what the player wants to do during the game. If the player wants to explore, they can't do that without going back to the ship and spending their energy or risk losing what they have. If an enemy attacks the player when they just got a little energy, they can fight it off, but not without losing energy. The upgrade which slows the process of losing energy is okay, but there are many other variables that contribute to energy loss such as movement speed (if it takes you longer to get back to the ship, you'll be losing more), bullet damage (the longer it takes you to take down the enemy, the more you lose). Lastly, this is especially annoying when you don't include a pause button in the game to stop the player from losing energy. The only place they don't lose stuff is at the ship on the upgrade screen; meaning if they want to stop and relax or they get a phone call, they need to go back to the ship to avoid losing progress or to avoid getting killed by enemies.
- I can understand having to lock the screen to play the game, but the game unlocks the mouse every time I go to the upgrade screen and I have to re-lock it in place afterwards. This is annoying.
- The process just moves too slowly with having to focus efforts on upgrading maintaining energy, then jumping and speed (to get to more energy and maintain what you have) and then to attack to deal with enemies. I'd like to cut out the first part.
- Having a sound effect when you hit an enemy would be satisfying to the player so perhaps think of adding one.
- Having more sound effects in general would also lend themselves to the game.

Overall though I like your game and the idea behind it. I really want to the explore it further, but the drawbacks are what keeps me from doing so. As far as I can tell, there are no bugs or glitches, the graphics are good, and you actually have more than one enemy design (you'd be surprised how many game creator just throw one enemy type into a game). I really hope you'll consider my suggestions. Good luck in your future in game design!

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Royoyoo responds:

Thanks a lot, it's really helpful!
This was game jam entry, so we were short on time.
We will make an update and fix those issues.

Pixel Ice Pixel Ice

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I enjoyed the game, but I only got up to level 27 because the ice cube got stuck on one of the wooden ramps. This has happened several times in past levels, but in the others ones, I managed to beat the levels by jumping after getting stuck. However, I can't jump to get around this without getting killed.

I've found other problems and concerns:
- I've tried going back to the menu and loading the game, but it doesn't fix the problem always. For example, when I started level 27 again, I got stuck on a different board and the death animation went from an explosion of icy squares to just a single small square floating until the ice cube came back.
- It seems like you throw the player into the levels without giving them much of a chance to react. I would've suggested making the levels wider, just enough to give a little "runway" for the player before they get the level. It wouldn't even have to be that long. Half an inch perhaps?
- On level 20, the cube hit the soda cup and didn't explode. It just stayed there. I tried it again later and it didn't happen again.

I do like the cuteness of the game as well as the challenge. I look forward to your next project. Good luck!

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AlamyrJunior responds:

Thank you very much for your feedback, Plasmarift!
That's my first game so I have a lot to learn yet!

I'll correct these bugs as soon as possible( I'm already correcting the places where the ice is getting stucked), I agree with you that is needed more time to the player react, I'm thinking about make the ice cube stop for a half sec (or less) in the beggining of the levels, so the player can see what's going on...

I'm already thinking about the next projects but I want to launch this one on mobile, refine the game and correct the bugs before start the next game.
Thank you again! =]

Slimy Slimy

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

There are some big problems with your game.
- I am unable to make the jump across the gap, even when using the shooting ability as a small boost. There needs to be a double jump feature or include the ability to jump off of enemy's heads.
- I found an invisible wall on the left that I could jump over and, by falling down, I could get onto a closed off section of platform with a big heart. Depending on if I killed the enemy at the beginning, it will continuously spawn blue squares, one after another (the next one only appears when the one the heart spawns is killed) that can't hurt me.
- It is never explained what the blue light things that you get from killing enemies do.
- After dying/restarting enough times, the first blue enemy will stop coming after you. It will start coming after you if you get injured by it though.
- If you activate your shield and keep it on as you fall to your death, it will remain on when you spawn until you press the shield button again, which corrects this problem.
- The "Author Comments" section where you included a few of the controls doesn't say to use the arrow keys, doesn't tell you what the plot of the game is, doesn't tell you what the plot of the game is, what the goal of the player is, and, although it is clear from the loading screen, doesn't tell you what you used to make this game.
- In the place where the heart is, I found if I jump while up against a wall, unpredictable things happen, such as being launched in the opposite direction at various velocities and heights (much like the mechanic of wall jumping) or moving up the wall, as if I was walking up it. It was fun to play around with though I don't think you intended this to happen, correct?

I give you 2.5 stars because the shooting and shield mechanics do work and it looks like it could have been a fun game based on the small section I played that worked. I do wish you luck in your future in game design and I hope you'll make some changes to this game to allow for it to be beaten.

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Wombart responds:

Wow, first thanks to you for taking the time to write this reviews, i think you know how those reviews can help developers

i haven't mentioned it but this project was for a game jam

- You are supposed to jump over the yellow block (wich make you bounce)
- Yeah i didn't take the time to check all the invisible wall
- the blue light things are points (absolutely useless)
- The place with the heart is the cemetery for the enemies (you are not supposed to go there lol)
- I knew for the shield bug that stand activate but after trying an hour to fixed it, i stopped trying
- i didn't thinked about the controls that allow you to move (so obvious to me)

Anyway thanks a lot for the review.

Battery Efficient Battery Efficient

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The game is good, but I find three problems with it:
- The screen appears small (about 4 inches in width and 3.5 inches in length) compared to what it could be. It's so small, it is difficult to see the bullets being fired with it being this small.
- An additional jump button (like spacebar or z or x) would make jumping and moving at the same time easier.
- Including arrow keys as an option would be good.

The game is good and I like the concept. I hope you could possibly make the changes I suggested. I look forward to your future projects.

LeviRamirez responds:

Alright, People have asked for arrow controls and I probably will add them, along with making the bullets at least a bit more noticeable. Thanks for the feedback :)

Escape3 Escape3

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I like the art for the game, the clay animations, and the premise, but I'm finding problems with the gameplay:
- The game requires that you split up into three separate characters and, at times, jump on another one to move both of them at the same time (you can only switch between characters by touching them, making this necessary when you come to an area where all three must reach the same location). However, the jumping is unpredictable when two of them are stacked up together. Sometimes when you jump with two stacked, the top part will jump without the bottom or it will try to jump and only vibrate in place and sometimes it works fine. The only time it doesn't work at all is when I use the spacebar. Am I missing a mechanic? Why can't the combined character jump?
- It's often times difficult to recombine them. I've stacked them on top of each other many times with nothing happening. And then, other times, it works. I even rearranged them so they were in the right order to recombine and it still doesn't work.
- I also ran into a problem with the character glitching through platforms, causing them to either fall to their deaths or get separated from the others and make it impossible to get all three together again.
- When pressing the R button to restart, it won't restart. I even went to the pause screen and pressed it and all it does is make the screen shake a little.
- Whenever a character dies, the screen goes to black. It doesn't restart.
- Going back to the main menu in game takes me back to the logo with the white background, but it won't progress any farther, forcing me to refresh the page.
- I ran into a problem where they are all touching each other and none of them will move. Observe:
I was able to replicate it with even worse results; this time, they're not all touching.
- Why does the spacebar work as a jump and an action button? In a game where jumping is the primary method of solving puzzles, it would be a good idea to have those two separated so that players aren't jumping when they simply want to use an ability or activate something.
- Why don't their powers stay with them when they recombine? The only way to lower one of the platforms is for the middle section to step into the water and get heavier. However, once the platform goes down, there's no way for him to come back up while he's heavy and the others can't follow since you can only switch between them by touching. I even tried to keep the other two character on the platform, but the middle section would just jump on top of the others.
- It's too easy to get permanently separated from one of the characters, making the rest of the game impossible.

I'm not sure why I seem to be the only person experiencing these problems. I'm using a Mac, but I tried this game on both Google Chrome and Safari. In any case, here is my advice for the game:
- Make it so you can switch between characters by pressing a button, like 1, 2, and 3.
- Make it so the combine sequence activate easily or perhaps only activates when all of them are touching and a button on the keyboard is pressed.
- Make activation button and jump button two separate things.
- Make it so you can jump in the big.

I'd really like to see more of the game, but I can't progress any farther because of the problems I mentioned. I still wish you luck in your creative endeavors.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It's interesting and the graphic are both impressive and disturbing. Though I do have some problems with it.
- The fact that you make the player go to the portal each time to restart the level is just a pain. If there was an instant restart (or a restart where you just press enter), I would've finished the game in half the time. All it did was add artificial difficulty with testing my patience.
- Having your momentum transfer over from the "DON'T" screens to the levels is another annoying aspect. I'm already dashing as fast as I can to get to the portal, now I have to worry about slowing down so I don't run into an enemy or obstacle.
- Why couldn't the dash ability be a separate key rather than having to tap the run button twice? For it, it just leads to too many problem, namely if you don't do it right or if you press it too fast, you're not going to move forward at all. Even when activating it, it feels more like a jerk forward than a dash because the momentum is already broken from having to let go of the direction key, if only temporarily.
- No restart feature after the last screen. Just black.
- Some of the obstacles blend into the background a little too well. This is more of an annoyed observation than a suggestion to change it. I'm a believer in the idea that in a 2D, making obstacles noticeable is a courtesy considering they'd be easily seen in a 3D or real life situation (unless they are meant to be hidden).

As for the game's message, I get the feeling that it's not a message for or against religion. It looks like it is using religious symbols to represent your views or feelings on the DON'Ts and your life growing up with them. Perhaps you feel that "DON'T love" is evil and so related that to hell or it represents your feelings at a later point in your life, where you really didn't feel like loving. Just a thought.

Feed Me and Get Out Feed Me and Get Out

Rated 3 / 5 stars

The game is interesting, but it has problems/bugs:
- As the person below me points out, you can get stuck in the pits on one of the randomly generated levels. Even if this is intentional, your bullets can fall down there, depriving you of ammunition. You also don't have a button to restart the level or game so the game needs to be refreshed when a person falls down there.
- The first time I bought a fish, I had around 70 coins. After I bought the first, I had negative 20 coins. What's with that? Also, when my character died, the number of fish skeletons went from 3 to 2 in the king cat's room.
- The debris and enemy remains get annoying because they get in the way of shooting the enemies. If this is to make the game more difficult, it's cheap difficulty if you can even call it that as the player has no way of controlling or manipulating the trash, especially when an enemy is among it. I believe you can make it so the bullets phase through the trash.
- The game relies heavily on replaying the same locations and fighting the same enemy over and over again. It would have been a good idea to either make the game end early or make more randomly generated levels and/or enemies. I know this was for a jam so I know you couldn't add a whole lot, but it's important to make do with what you can.
- For the controls, why would you have f and e for controls? They aren't next to each other on the keyboard. Perhaps there are keyboard set ups that have the f next to the e, but why not have multiple keys to controls the same function to cover these different keyboard setups. z and x would have been a good alternate choice.

I like the graphics and the idea behind the game is interesting. I wish you luck in your game design future.

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Dance Master Dance Master

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I have to say, this is a very cool and interesting game. I wasn't really expecting it going in (the art in the thumbnail does not look professional so it may turn some people off before they even give it a try). There's so much going on in this game and I like it, but I do have some problems with it:
- The pizza delivery game is broken. Whenever I hit spacebar, it create another car, sometimes one that is outside the playable area (I had at least 7 cars on the screen). Also, perhaps a small instruction manual for the player when it comes to driving because it drives weird compared to the main character.
- The story is an interesting one (kind of reminds me of Pokemon "I want to be the very best, like no one ever was", but the way it is presented is boring and the voice it is told, mixed with the art, just make the game leave a bad impression. You could make a slideshow showing the story using the same voice as it makes the game more immersive and will more likely draw the player in. Or, you could try making an animation for the beginning, though the first one is easier.
- The game is so large that it is easy to get lost. Perhaps add a map option that points to the player's house so they know where to go to rest. You wouldn't need to show the whole world, just the main places.
- When the player is inside their house, please make it so the rest bar doesn't go down anymore. I got in the house and was ready to go to bed, hit spacebar, but moved slightly afterwards and found myself outside. I tried to go back to the bed, but ran out of time.
- The oven giving the player health is cool since this means the house can recharge the player, but just making the oven light up wasn't enough for me (it didn't register to me that it was giving me food. I just happen to find out by looking down at the food icon. Perhaps add a chewing or crunching sound or a thought bubble to indicate to the player in some way that this is how they get food.)
- What is the thing next to the food icon? It goes up the more you dance in the club, but I don't know what it is for.
- If you sleep long enough, you go into a world of Heaven and hell, correct? That's what keeps happening to me. The angels and demons keep disappearing when I go near them for some reason and the "quit" button doesn't work. The only thing that does work is the "hit spacebar to play", which brings the player to the hell challenge where you have to keep dancing until you are let out.
- Perhaps add a button on the keyboard that can turn on and off dance magic instead of having to switch between using the mouse to activate it. (also, you spelled "dance" wrong on the button. It says dane magic).
- So, there are two houses available to sleep at? That's a good idea as it gives the player another rest stop, but what's the story behind the second house? Usually ,people only own one home (Also, what does paying the water bill do? The player doesn't use it to my knowledge).
- A pause button would be a good idea (as well as a mute button. I know that kind of defeats the purpose of the game, but some people like to play their own music when playing games. Plus, this just may not be their type of music).
- The battle aspect of the game is actually pretty cool and unexpected. The problem is that it doesn't take any skill, which seems counter intuitive in a game that revolves around gaining more skills. The player can fire in four directions, but the enemies can fire in any direction and the enemies and their attack move at the same speed as the player, if not faster (and their attack bounce off walls). If there were dance move combinations that could make different attack patterns or more powerful attacks, things would be different. It also stinks that sleep is the player's life bar when it comes to battles because avoiding enemy fire is just not always possible. With this system, you punish the players for exploring because when they run out of life, they end up in hell having to stay there for some time trying to get out. I do understand that you can upgrade yourself, but I'd rather have the optional skills to beat the enemies rather than trying to upgrade myself to outlast them.
- All the characters in the game are pretty cool though more interactivity between them and player would be good. I wished going up some of the people that they would respond or say something. The only ones that do are the guy guarding the entrance to the club and the guy inside the club's entrance. (I feel a little sad you didn't ask me to do voices for the game, but oh well).
- There are so many little things you added into the game that make it interesting like the Simon Says puzzle, the movie theater movies.
- The console game in the game looked pretty cool though I think it could have been done better as the controls are kind of stiff. Trying to turn in a different direction takes time which is annoying.
- I like that the character will continue to dance if the start moving while dancing. It's pretty cool.
- I've found food outside, like a burger and water bottle, but I'm not able to interact with them. Is this normal?

I still like the game and it's obvious you put a lot into. It makes this game unique and stand out from the mass of clones and amateur projects (no offense to amateur game designers though) I've seen put onto the web in the last few months. I wish you luck in both your future and this games' future.

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ogier87 responds:

Thank you for the feedback, i will work on all of you request and fixes for the bugs you said in the coming days. I will let you know when the update is ready.